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"All Mod Cons?"

well hello!

It looked kinda quiet in here, so I thought I'd take a giant chance and introduce myself! (with porn)

Title: You're a Fucking Liar, Jones
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Davy just kind of seems like he loves himself enough to make this believable.

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Just a quick hello

Wow, there's been some action in this comm since I was last here. Cool.

I have not forgotten about my #1 favorite bromance of all time. I just have had a lot to distract me. Keep up the good work, y'all!

Not alone.

Okay....so I'm new to this community but I hope you like my slash fics anyways. This first one here is pretty short, but I thought you guys might like it anyways.
Title: Not alone
Pairing: Peter/Davy 
Rating: PG (I guess. Sorry I'm not very good with ratings)
Summary: Davy's depressed and Peter thinks he knows how to make him feel better.

Fic: It's No Secret

Title: It's No Secret
Rating: PG
Pairing: One-sided Peter/Davy
Disclaimer: While I have taken the Monkees television series as inspiration I have no claim or profits over the show or it's characters. Damn. Nor do I have any claim or profits over the Monkees as musicians or individuals. Double damn. So this story is just a story, fictional.

Just a couple of notes. I'm a relatively new fan to the Monkees and this is my first plunge in Monkees fanfic writing. Therefore if anyone has any advice I'll gladly take it. ^_^ This story is rather long (to be precise, 8355 words), and if the ending appears to be open-ended there's a good reason for it. This story is the beginning of a series I plan to write.

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Title: Syrupy Signs
Author: araminya
Pairings: Davy/Peter – sort of, and Peter/Mike – or not, depending on your interpretation
Rating: G (sorry! *gigglesnort*)
Genres: angst, one-shot, somewhat vague slash
Disclaimer: nope, don’t own the Monkees as much as I’d like to (especially the one with the hat), as far as I know nobody’s paying me for this, and these are just the TV show characters.
Summary: Davy’s a little egomaniac. Yup, he is. He also falls in love kind of easily, and while many fall for him, all don’t.
A/N: I actually wrote (most of) this a long time ago, in… November I think? Ahem. But it needed some improving, and it seemed today was the day for that. Many, many thanks to luisadeza for betaing this back then – I think (& hope) this is much, much better now! Thank you!

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Hiya 'll,

I hope you dont mind - I just joined & added this great community to my

"BLUE MONKEES OZ" website - Slash Archives & Links for Adults Over 18 yrs.

Fanfics are ALL filed under their "Pairing" so very easy to find.

Maybe YOUR story will end up on Blue Monkees OZ...
(Via Blue Monkees OZ & my other LJ community links.)

Blue Monkees Oz - LIVE JOURNAL ALL Monkees Slash Community.

Dolenz x Jones - LIVE JOURNAL Micky & Davy Slash Community.

Dolenz x Tork - LIVE JOURNAL Micky & Peter Slash Community.

Dolenz x Nez - LIVE JOURNAL Micky & Mike Slash Community.

Nez x Jones - LIVE JOURNAL Mike & Davy Slash Community.

You have generously provided the "Peter X Davy" Community & we all know of the infamous ; ) "whereitssafe" Peter / Mike community - I've linked both these communities so that ALL Monkees slash is covered on my website.

Great stuff guys!

Cheers, Blue Monkees.

Sep. 8th, 2007

Hey guys, I ran across one of the Peter/Davy quickie slash fics I wrote back in 2005. It's to this day untitled, but I thought you guys might enjoy it. If you don't like reading sex scenes, don't read it, that's what it is. I'm putting it under a cut anyway, just in case. 



A screen cap

This came from Too Many Girls.  Notice the way Peter helps Davy up the stairs.

Totally ganked the idea for this from our sister comm whereitssafe , as it would totally apply to Torksmith as well.